Free Charity Websites

Every penny counts when you are running a charity. Whether it’s a small local organisation or a group looking to make a national difference.

But the same reasons why small businesses should have a permanent web presence still ring true for a charity, who may only use social media to promote themselves, if they have any online exposure at all.

Silk Partnership have launched a new scheme to offer FREE websites with a dedicated domain name, hosting and management which can also offer an excellent fundraising opportunity through affiliate marketing.

Whether you are a registered charity, or local community group, and want a free way to raise both awareness and funds, then get in touch now.

How it Works

Silk Partnership sign up your chosen domain name, and with your input, design and build your website. We can also show you how to update the site yourself, or offer content management options.

You promote your site to your supporters, and enjoy the benefits of a permanent online home for your organisation.

There is absolutely no financial risk to your organisation. The start-up costs are often the reason cited by smaller businesses and other organisations why they haven’t taken the plunge with a website, or updated one that has been online for years and is dated, difficult to update and out of date, but these are taken out of your hands.

We use affiliate schemes such as this one with Amazon to allows your supporters to raise funds via purchases they would already have made. All purchases made through the link on your website will see a percentage paid back to your organisation giving you an ongoing revenue stream – after costs – to help fund your charity.

And Then?

And then it’s almost entirely up to you how much you could raise through the scheme. Contact your supporters and get them into the habit of shopping through your link to make free donations every time they buy.

And we will also help you with that. We will provide you with content to help you promote your link to visitors to your website, and your social media subscribers. Reminders ahead of big sales periods such as Christmas will help you maximise the revenue you can make, and to increase it year on year to move your website past ‘just’ being an excellent communications tool to existing and new supporters, and into a worthwhile revenue stream in it’s own right.