£250 websites proving popular.

Silk Partnership’s complete £250 website service has been proving popular with two new additions to our online stable.

It’s been especially pleasing that both www.tradeskillsmacclesfield.org and www.stellardebating.org have been such impressive local causes, relating to local education.

With our policy of the client always owning the domain and site, you always have the peace of mind that should you want to move elsewhere, it is simple to do what you need.

We decided on this approach after experience of other clients websites being hosted on their web designers own servers, and edited using those designers own software, only for them to go bankrupt and be absorbed into a different agency, making it very difficult for the clients to access and manage their own sites!

By using your own hosting account, and publically accessible editing packages, you are never going to be denied access to your own online property!

If you would like a new website for your business, or one for a brand new company, then please get in touch today.